Learning SEO and Internet Marketing Beginners

Learning SEO and Internet Marketing Beginners Hello how are you all. admin refill toner here want to share about SEO SCIENCE. yups for those who want to learn seo for beginners can see an explanation here. because here passable explanation easy to understand and very readible language. This explanation is described by friends mimin Hidayat Ma’ruf name suggests he is a master seo.

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1. What is SEO Search Engine Optimization:
What is SEO? Understanding SEO Search Engine Optimization. SEO is something that is done to increase the blog’s position in Search Engines like google, bing, and so forth. What is the purpose of learning and doing SEO? sure to make your blog gets a lot of visitors from Search Engines.

So, there are two kinds of Kursus SEO, namely

  • Onpage SEO
  • Offpage SEO

SEO is said to be easy and difficult. Why say easy? because it does prosenya SEO is easy if you understand, why is it difficult? because the SEO process is quite long and sometimes requires knowledge of SEO rarely possess people.

2. Why SEO is necessary?
Let’s assume you are a women’s clothing online merchant wants you purchased the product, whether the goods will be directly purchased? of course not, how could your site encountered many people by itself … So SEO used this time is to show the position of our website in Search Engine …

Is it just to show the position of the site in Search Engine alone? of course not, there are still many sites other women’s clothing who want to buy the product, so you have to compete with these sites ..

So that’s what SEO actually … A match is followed by dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people to get a champion 1 in Search Engine ..

3. How to SEO Website / Blog
How SEO Website to rank your website to page one google even no.1 in fact it was easy, just how do you do it alone. If you’re doing is correct, then the position of your page will creep up a little bit to no.1 in google, otherwise if you do wrong, aka do with inconsequential and aggressive, then your site is still able pejwan quickly for a certain period , but will not be durable.


So you should do it slowly in a way that patient and not aggressive for business site that we created this is not for the short term but for the long term, right?

We return to the discussion, so actually the way seo website there are only three things you have to understand and you practice, ie Keyword Research (Finding the right keywords), Onpage SEO (SEO optimization on the blog page itself), and Offpage SEO (Optimization in beyond our blog page).

If you understand exactly 3 seo techniques above and you can outperform the others, then there will be nothing can beat your site in google. Unless there are any other site page optimization of its more superior than your site.

4. Keyword Research or Keyword Research
Keyword Research (Search for Keyword Right)
The first is keyword research, keyword research is a process that we do to find the right keywords are keywords that have competition with the lowest possible monthly searches as high as possible by using the tools available such as Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword have competition as low as possible, we must choose the keyword or keywords that have low competition so that we can rank the keyword easily. If the competition is quite difficult, then our efforts on one page will also be more difficult.

But it also depends on your ability, if you are still very beginner, you should select keywords that medium downward course. And the impact, if your skills are already good at, you may choose keywords that up anywhere, low, medium, or the most difficult as well be.

Keyword searches per month had a very high, most high keyword search competition is fairly difficult, whereas a low search keywords that most of the competition is easy.

2 reasons why the keywords kursus website that will make you drill later is right or not, and therefore you have to be smart to find keywords to target, try to search high and competition was minimal.

5. Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Research Tool That I Use
Then, how can I search for keywords like it, you can use two simple tool ala me, using the keyword planner google and google sugestion .. Do you know 2 of the tool?

Google Keyword Planner, planner keyword is the latest tool in lieu google keyword tool (already closed), its function is the same I think I actually prefer this tool than keyword tool. If the keyword too

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